Saturday, May 28, 2016

For best performance in the category of "rose"...

The award goes to ....'Pure Perfume.' An unexpected win! Planted last year, the 3 little bands that I planted last year, grew slowly in our strange spring, but are now strutting their stuff.

Although the flowers are beautiful, they are not all that photogenic.  It is the overall quality of the plant that makes it a winner.

The leaves are dark green, even in my conditions (take note, 'Iceberg'!), and they are a nice glossy green. Some people don't like glossy leaves on their roses, but I do. They have not shown a hint of disease.

The flowers and leaves have shown no significant damage, despite high winds (both hot and cold), thrips, aphids, and the typical vagaries of a high desert climate: temps below freezing, days in the 80's, wind, wind, wind (take note, 'Bolero'!).

The only category where 'Iceberg' and 'Bolero' win, is on fragrance. With a name like 'Pure Perfume' you'd expect great fragrance, but to be honest, it is only slight. It is described as grapefruit, and with some imagination I can believe it, but what comes to mind first is .... bathroom cleaner.

Maybe I could come up with a new name. Hmm...Toto (as in the brand of toilet)? or Kohler?

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