Wednesday, May 18, 2016

more rose photos

Despite the 55 mph winds, these roses survived decently. They look so peaceful here, don't they?

Madame Isaac Pereire

Abraham Darby

Alnwick Castle
This is more like what it was like. Thank goodness for fast shutter speeds.


  1. In 2014 you had observed that Evelyn may not be heat tolerant. How is the flower longevity during heat waves, in your garden??

    (love your garden)

    Thanks, Nate

    1. Hi Nate, this year Evelyn did like most of the rest of my roses did in the heat. That is, it stopped blooming completely. I think that last year it mostly stopped blooming as well, but they were still tiny little plants then. So far my evaluation of Evelyn, is less than satisfactory. The color is highly variable, and in my garden the apricot color blends in to all the browns (the wall, mulch, tree trunk, etc) from a distance. Fragrance is variable, sometimes quite delightful, other times non-existent. Flower form is sometimes great, but often misshapen, especially in the heat (from buds that formed in cooler weather). It does not produce more buds in the heat. I'm thinking of removing them.

  2. Thanks Forest, appreciate it. I had noticed the indistinct colors but it's still hard not to like the flowers. Because of the heat dormancy, sounds like it's hard to evaluate if it really fries. The parent Graham Thomas usually refuses to bloom in summer in my area (inland soCal), but I'm not sure whether that indicates lack of adaptability to heat. But I have the whole of Oct-May for blooms down here, whereas your roses would be dormant then.... N