Wednesday, May 11, 2016

why I grow roses

Why do I grow roses? Could it be for the ethereal blossoms of this 'Tranquility' rose?

Or the history of this 'Old Blush' rose, which is going to town this year?

Well, yes, it is for their beauty. But at least as much for what you can't see, the fragrance. My 'Bolero' rose smells of waterlily and sweetened whipped cream.

'Evelyn' smells like ripe peaches and a touch of rose.

'Bishop's Castle' has a rich and almost powdery scent that you could bathe in.

'Abraham Darby' doesn't just have a mango colored flower, it smells like mango, or tropical fruit.

And although 'William Shakespeare' makes me swoon just looking at it, the strong sweet fragrance of violets gets me heady.


  1. I get why...your reasons and the contrast to desert &/or foothills vegetation. Cholla blooms only grow exceptionally large every several years.

    1. ...and they don't have fragrance!