Monday, March 30, 2015

La Paz

My amaryllis were a wash this year. Not much in the way of blooms, if any. So it was, until 'La Paz' started to bloom.  The first stem appeared. Late. Only two flowers on the stem. Suddenly four more appeared. Then another. Six stems. Count 'em (one hidden). They won't all bloom at the same time, so it won't be as impressive of a photograph. But I'd rather have a longer bloom season than just a nice photo.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


 If you look carefully, you can see the difference between the standard rosemary (left) with Gorizia (right).

Gorizia is supposed to have larger leaves and flowers, but I don't think so.

 The main difference to me, is that the flowers are not as blue, but are more lavender.

 Compare to the close-up of the standard version, below. Maybe not so apparent in the photos, but it is distinct in the garden.


My new planting of Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler' began opening blossoms this past week. Not nearly as nice a show as at the old house, but give them a few years, and they will have multiplied enough to make a carpet. Funny how I used to think of these plants as a trash flower.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

dumb decision

Why, oh WHY did I spend $200 on this thing, when it doesn't hold even one bag of leaves, and I know, I KNOW though trial and error, that the fastest, easiest, cheapest and least smelly way to compost is trench composting? Serious buyer's remorse going on here.


 You know that spring is on its way when the rosemary starts going for it. It's not as covered with flowers as the ones in California, but this is just the beginning. Not bad for a nameless rosemary off the racks of a big box store.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

surprise crocus

 I planted 50 Crocus speciosus last fall and had a glorious show. Leaves came up as the weather warmed, and I was surprised by the appearance of this guy, who is clearly not C. speciosus.

 It doesn't look like any of the usual suspects. The petals are a little curly, and have feathering both inside and out.

And what a really dark purple. Anyone know what it is, let me know.

bad amaryllis year

It's been a bad year for the amaryllis. I tried a new location at the south side of the house, which gets afternoon shade and is by the water spigot. Apparently not good. Bulbs were small, blooms are late.  Only one flower stem on the H. papilio, flowers only lasted a few days. 'Red Lion' (above) had a very small bulb, but still produced a flower, which also only lasted a few days. One stem coming up on one of the 'La Paz' side bulbs. Weird, that the main bulb didn't bloom (yet?). Nothing on the others.