Sunday, May 8, 2016

spring 2016

 Four years in this house and the garden is finally starting to come together. The rosemary 'Gorizia' is getting big, and the apple trees are big enough to be visible.

'Bolero' roses, Penstemon heterophyllus 'Blue Springs', Salvia officinalis 'Minima' and Nepeta 'Walkers Low' with the 'Hidcote' lavender making mounds and the Dianthus 'Coconut Surprise' coming along.

'Iceberg' in the pot, and Salvia daghestanica. 

 I still think I need to take out the lipstick red 'Knockout' roses, but the whole garden will turn pink anyway when the rest of the roses start to bloom. I should probably take out the cardoon. But they are so yummy!

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