Monday, May 16, 2016

too much of the same color

 Although I love the lavender blues of Nepeta 'Walker's Low' and Penstemon linaroides, the combination doesn't light my fire. They are too similar in color! I didn't expect that. Nor did I expect them to bloom at the same time.

Penstemon caespitosus is also blooming at the same time...and the same color. Sigh.

 And the Penstemon heterophyllus, the Salvia officinalis 'Minima' and the Nepeta 'Walker's Low' tend to blend all together.

At least the May Night salvia is a different shade, and even more so, the Salvia 'Caradonna'.

But the Salvia daghestanica (at the very bottom of the photo) is also the same color.

And at least they are a little different texture, but can you see the Salvia daghestanica here? 

 Or here?

Betty Corning has a similar color, but it's more purple. Which makes me realize that the good thing about all this same color, is that it ties the garden together. I guess you can tell what color I like. That is, until the roses start blooming in earnest.

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