Sunday, June 19, 2016

Visit to Heirloom Roses

It's a bit of a shock to see how differently a rose grows in different locations. A recent trip took us to Oregon, and a side trip to Heirloom Roses.

First of all, it seemed like quite a way off Highway 5 to get there. I suppose it wouldn't be horrible from Portland, if I lived there.

 Entrance to the display gardens, where is started to rain. Again. this time POURING rain.

We waited under some shelter for a while for the rain to stop coming down. Although this photo is too small to read the sign, it says:
"Dear Guest:
Thank you for visiting our public display gardens.
Oregon is experiencing severe drought conditions, and as a result we are rationing our water usage. Please excuse the dry grass.
Additionally, we are in the process of renovating our gardens to make them more sustainable. Over the next 12 months, you will begin to see the transformation and at times some work related messes. We appreciate your patient with this.
Thank you for your patients and understanding during our warmer than normal Oregon summer.
Ben Hanna, Owner."
It seems the drought is having a break, so I got to see some nice flowers.

Lyda Rose

Sharifa Asma
 This got our vote for the most fragrant rose in the garden, although there were a number of others that were great.
Crocus Rose

Crocus rose


St. Swithun


Abaye de Cluny

Guy de Maupassant

Leonardo di Vinci

Teasing Georgia

Ingenious Mr. Fairchild

Ingenious Mr. Fairchild

Radio Times

Crocus Rose

Glamis Castle
 Funny how Glamis Castle smells like mothballs in my garden, but at Heirloom it smells great!

Lady of the Mist

Lady of the Mist

Anne Hathaway

Tower Bridge

Windsor Castle

Glamis Castle

Scepter'd Isle

Royal Bonica

A Shropshire Lad


Lover's Blush


Sunrise at Heirloom

Sunrise at Heirloom


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