Sunday, October 23, 2016

two flowers

What to do when stuck at home with a cold? Why take photos of course. I can always pause to wipe a runny nose, cough, whine. Plants can't catch it from me. But not a lot of energy for the up/down to arrange the plants, to set up the lights and camera, and to do the post-capture processing. Oh well.
 I'm a few days late to catch this Laelia Newberry Sprite at its peak. This is the second flower it has produced since I bought this plant in September 2011. The last bloom was November of last year, when I was away on vacation. I caught the last couple of days of color as it faded.

Munstead Wood still has a few flowers opening on the bush in today's unseasonably warm temperatures. My thermometer says it is 78 degrees in the shade right now. A couple of the other roses are blooming also, but with less than perfect flowers and now I'm out of energy. Whew! Red roses are so hard to photograph. To my eye, this flower in natural light is a purple red, but under the flash, it is a carmine red.

Let's try this on the patio with natural sunlight.

Aah, that's much better. Still just a bit off. Let's try a little Photoshop work. Okay, now that's pretty close.