Wednesday, June 25, 2014

rose garden, 90 degrees, 9% humidity, 10 mph wind

We've had temperatures in the 90's this last week, with typical desert humidity, and not much wind, so I had to see how the roses fared in the Albuquerque Rose Garden at the Tony Hillerman library.
'Double Delight'
Most of the roses looked like this 'Double Delight,' which some would call "crispy critters." To be more accurate, most of the rose bushes had no flowers at all, and most of the ones that did, looked like this. Double dehydration. But there were a few that were sort of okay, and a few that were great.

One Hybrid Tea that looked pretty good, was 'Francis Meilland.' The flowers were about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of normal, but the flowers looked mostly pretty good. Maybe because it was planted in afternoon shade, so it might not be a great comparison. Not as fragrant as in the spring, but what do you expect in 90+ degree temperatures in the afternoon?

'Linda Campbell' was blooming fairly well. Maybe I was wrong when I said previously that she did not repeat well. The flowers are about 3/4 normal size, and there was about 1/4 the amount of blooms as the spring flush, but heck, that's pretty good.

I was surprised to see that the roses that did the best were the singles. 'Mermaid' was looking pretty flawless. She had a nice light fragrance. Known as "the thorny monster' she is not as thorny as some.  Way too big for my garden since she grows 15-25' tall.

Not a "covered in flowers" kind of moment, but again, something is better than nothing.

The Austin rose 'Jaquenetta' was the only one of the Austins that was looking decent. Pretty good actually, for a rose that is deemed unworthy of growing, considering that none of the other Austins were looking very good.

One spray on 'Claire Rose' looked fairly good, but the rest were brown mummies.

Somebody must have loved 'Golden Wings' because there were 3 bushes in various parts of the garden. This is the best one, although from a distance, the flowers looked brownish and the leaves yellowish, so overall the plants look a bit sickly.

I'm not sure what I would pick out of this lot.

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