Tuesday, June 3, 2014

random garden observations

 Looks like all 'Samba' wanted was more sun. After the aborted stem in March, I threw the plant outside, where it suffered through light snow, heat, 50 mph winds and forgotten waterings. It put out another stem.

Hmm. Maybe too much sun. And too much wind. 

My entry bowls were planted with this sedum dasyphyllum and 'Dragon's Blood' when the curved billed thrashers ripped them out. I threw all the bits back in the bowl and mounded river rock around them to prevent the birds from doing it again. The result is not so bad!

Campanula rotundifolia still blooming its heart out.

The newly planted 'Bolero' planted last week, now has to suffer through near-100F temps and intense high-altitude sun. Poor things. It really is not a good year for the new roses.

The 'Alexandria' strawberries planted last week are fine, whereas those planted 2 days ago are flat on the ground despite careful watering.

My Lowe's rescue 'Chicago Hardy' fig is tiny,

but looks like it is producing a fig.

Whereas my big 'Petite Nigra' fig is just putting out a a lot of leaves.

'Mrs. BR Cant' likes the heat. Finally putting out some growth.

Something is chewing branches off 'Polly' Peach. I tried mouse traps, but whatever it is, was able to trigger it without getting hurt, because the peanut butter was entirely licked clean. The rat trap was licked clean of the peanut butter without triggering it. The poison bait is half gone today, though. I may never know what it was.

My little 'Iceberg' rose cutting from November is growing. I've had to pinch off the flowers to get it to grow instead of produce flowers.

I didn't think lilies would grow here, but that glorious pot of lilies at Agua Fria Nursery in Santa Fe was taunting me. 'Scheherezade' is bigger this year.

Showing off the secondary buds that are forming. Something to look forward to in a month. Maybe next year I will get the famous tertiary buds. Did I forget to fertilize it? Gotta run out to do that now.

'Black Dragon' is supposed to be a selected form of Lilium leucanthum, that is said to now be lost to existence (extinct), so I was surprised to see it offered by McClure & Zimmerman. Still had to order it, since I loved those candelabras of trumpets with dark purple exteriors and white interiors as a child. But here is the plant growing...


 ...and this is L. leucanthum from The Lily Garden. I wonder if the one from M&Z is going to turn out pink or something.

The clematis is producing its first flower, many more buds this year than last year. Funny how the posting makes the flower practically blue.

See? I don't just grow roses.

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