Sunday, June 15, 2014

i could dig you into the ground

The other day, when my sister was visiting, conversation drifted to exercise. She complained that she couldn't run at all. Now, she does Karate, and you wouldn't want to mess with her unless you wanted an ass-kicking, but running? She said that she couldn't run a mile. She asked "Could you run a mile?" Thinking that a large portion of my exercise consisted of digging, sifting gravel, moving rock, and other garden chores, I said, "No, but I could dig you into the ground!" I knew that wasn't coming out right when I was halfway through it, and her expression confirmed it. Ouch. I was literally dumbstruck with embarrassment. I sputtered something about gardening. I think she knew what I meant, though. I mean, she's my sister, and knows that things come out wrong sometimes (a lot).


  1. Sounds like something I might say - except I'm 1/2 Siciliano, and they would truly believe I was thinking cement shoes, etc, given my passion for some things. "Yo, Frankie, you gotta yucca...*I* gotta yucca..."

    1. I guess they would have to know you were yukking it up!