Wednesday, April 9, 2014

tree peony

Not a great year for the tree peony.  Not a great name, either,  since the two tags that on the plant were different and what bloomed is quite different from either. The package was the Japanese name for a white peony. Clearly not. The other was the name of a Japanese peony that is supposed to be pink with streaks of color. Clearly not that either. My guess is 'Taiyo' but I could be way off the mark.

I am amazed at how fast the flowers develop. The above photo is from yesterday.

This is what the buds looked like this morning as I was leaving for work.

Then, this afternoon.
Last year was 6 flowers, this year only 3. Not a big deal, since the flowers only last for 5 days.

 And since the flower colors clash with the redbuds, it's probably coming out this fall.

Going to my mother, even though I have dubbed my father "the peony killer" since he decided to transplant the $70 tree peony 'God of Longevity' that I gave him, in the middle of summer, and it promptly died. Rather inauspicous I would say.

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