Thursday, April 10, 2014


Just a few quick shots late this afternoon, while waiting for dinner to cook.

'Goldrush' apple is the first of the trees to have flowers. Just a few, since it only has something like 4 branches, but the others have no flowers at all. This is the first spring after planting, so I can't expect too much.

 The 'Red Winter' kale is starting to bloom. I didn't expect the glowing yellow flowers. The flower buds are very tasty. Better than broccoli.
I think this is my favorite of the violas to bloom. They are like water colors.

This one is kinda nice, too.

A gratuitous peony shot.  Hey, the flowers only last 5 days, so I have to appreciate them while I can.

One indoor shot, of the star jasmine 'Pink Showers' which is more like pink sprinkles. They are indeed pink, but they smell nothing like I think star jasmine should smell like. I've also never had an indoor plant use so much water. It's amazing how quickly it dries out, and if it dries out, it drops leaves. A lot of them. Funny how much they remind me of the apple blossoms outside.

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  1. Interesting on the kale flower bud taste, Signore Wong. My mother liked to make zucchini blossoms and stuff them with some ground beef / spice mix, and those were pretty good.

    Glad you decided to grow the star jasmine inside...yes, I could not water the one you gave me enough, inside or outside. All of them in El Paso died to the roots, and ones that were 10' tall trained against walls before the 2011 freeze are now up to 5-6' tall.