Wednesday, May 10, 2017

alnwick castle rose

I've been really impressed with my 'Alnwick Castle' rose. First of all, it survived both cold snaps. Second it has a delicious raspberry fragrance. Third, it has beautiful globular to cupped flowers. Fourth, it has a lot of flowers on a well-shaped bush. Fifth, there has been no hint of disease.
 During cooler weather, the flowers are fully opened in this globular form. I think it looks like a quail.

 In warmer weather, they open up a bit, showing the dense smaller petals within. In even warmer weather, the flowers will open up completely. Alnwick Castle doesn't bloom well in the height of summer heat, but then what does?

 No matter what the form, that delicious fragrance is still there. It's like opening a jar of Talento raspberry sorbetto.

I love how the flowers nod just a bit. Not so much that they look weak, but enough to have some grace.

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