Saturday, July 18, 2015


 I think that 'Snowbound' is my favorite dahlia. Big sturdy flowers in a sweet shade of white: not too stark, not too muddy. Flowers are tough enough to tolerate the heat and wind here, at least most of the time. 

I think I discovered the problem I've been having with my dahlias. Not enough nitrogen. I did a soil test. Then once given a bit of nitrogen, they perked up. I gave one of my 'William Shakespeare 2000' roses some nitrogen, and did not give any to the other. The one I gave nitrogen is blooming, the other is not. Funny, given that everyone always says not to give much nitrogen to these plants, but obviously, that depends on the existing conditions.

Also reminds me that the plants native to here must not need much nitrogen. All this gardening I'm doing with exotic plants like roses and dahlias is temporary and artificially supported.

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  1. Sounds tricky, but I know nothing about dahlias! (except when used in an old Monty Python limerick) At least you aren't planting aspens on north-facing sides next to water / sewer pipes.