Thursday, July 2, 2015

roses at 98 degrees

Some of the roses are actually opening flowers in this heat. 'Evelyn' on my new baby rose, looking more yellow/orange than the pink/apricot that I had hoped for. But pretty good for this heat.
 Looks more pink the second day.

'Glamis Castle' looking pretty unperturbed by the heat and intense sun.

Unlike 'Bolero' which still has thrips. These are the best looking  of them.

 Or 'Eden' which also has thrips.

 'Bishop's Castle' looks like it thinks nothing could be better, putting out a ton of buds after its first flush. Amazing for a first year plant.

'Marie Pavie' also growing happily.

She's putting out a new flush.

'Old Blush' doesn't have the best form in the heat, but still puts out flowers.

Same with 'Knockout' which keeps putting out these unimpressive flowers.

Interestingly, 'Madame Isaac Pereire' continues to put out a flower or two. I didn't expect that, being an old rose who has been described as having a good spring flush and a small fall flush.

 Too bad the flowers on 'Alnwick Castle' only last a day in the heat. They still smell wonderful.

'Falstaff' has eeked out one blossom in the heat. Small and a little deformed, but I'm still amazed it has done that.

'William Shakespeare 2000' also has put out a few roses, also small and a bit deformed, and frying quickly in the heat.


  1. Impressive for 98F. You have some lovely roses.

  2. Thanks! I was actually bemoaning the state of my roses having seen the photos of your roses. And showing one flower rather than the whole pathetic bush is cheating. And those thrips!