Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just a few fall leaves. Geranium leaves are particularly bright this year. Almost makes up for being almost completely flowerless. Almost.

Texas Redbud is turning nice yellows.

Too bad Oklahoma Redbud is not keeping up. The leaves turn dull green then brown and drop quickly.


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  1. This time of year reminds me to take what we can get in the Abq-El Paso corridor...breezing through Abq to my Santa Fe presentation last weekend reminded me of that. Yet patches of the valley cottonwoods in the EP-Abq leg really splashed forth with color...while in town, it was just too early, though even on-time, either is not a fall color mecca, though some keep pretending. That geranium is a classic example of how to do it. Not to mention a trip to Fourth of July Canyon in early October, if you haven't yet.