Wednesday, November 6, 2013

first frost

The first frost was last night. I ran around on my afternoon off, checking things out. Too bad my new computer does not support my old Photoshop.

I had gambled with planting bush beans in August, and last night ended them. But I did get a few big handfuls of beans. I count it as a success. Of course the Kale behind it is doing just fine.

The dahlias were perky yesterday, and I was surprised to see that in one day they are already brown. I thought they would just be freeze dried and green.

I was hoping for a fig harvest before the frost, but Petite Nigra is just too slow.

The sumac (Rhus lanceolata) is looking great, and has been slowly coloring up the last few weeks.

Penstemon 'Pike's Peak Purple' is only looking a bit annoyed. It has been blooming most of the summer, and it is interesting how the color fades and turns reddish in the heat, but for the last few weeks has been concord grape purple.

Iceberg roses have been pink with the cooler weather. The only other rose still blooming is Marie Pavie.

The 'Monch' asters are uinfazed.

Texas redbud has been turning a lovely yellow which this photo (taken after work in the late afternoon) doesn't show well.

But it has much more color than Oklahoma redbud, which turns a little brownish before the leaves drop.

The sedums are still looking good, although the dragon's blood is looking a bit scraggly now that the weather is colder.

It's just about time to start snuggling indoors and planning for next year's chores.

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