Tuesday, October 27, 2015

last of the roses

These are almost certainly the last of the fall roses.
 With the cooler temperatures, and a nice rainstorm, 'William Shakespeare 2000' has put out one big 4"+ flower.

 So has 'Falstaff', which I'm pleased to note, now has a delightful fragrance - old rose scent, but with an indescribable sweetness added.

'Falstaff' has, to me, the most beautiful blossoms of any red rose that I know of.

 'Old Blush' has always had at least a few flowers on it since it started in the spring.

 Not much fragrance, and not much form, but very floriferous.

 I wish 'Bolero' would give me the nicely formed flowers that I know he's capable of.

 But no, all my 'Bolero' roses give me lumpy misshapen, thrip damaged flowers for most of the season.

 This one at least is getting close. The flowers are well scented, and the plants are very nice (bushy, compact, with glossy disease-free foliage), but too bad the flowers are so ugly.

Does rosemary count? 'Gorizia' is taking advantage of the fall weather as well.

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