Sunday, October 18, 2015


This is the third growing season for my apple trees. 'Goldrush' is the only one that has produced any apples of significance, and it is the first year for it to produce. I had one or two apples on my 'Calville Blanc d'Hiver' and on my 'Ashmead's Kernal' but the birds got to them before they ripened. Maybe next year. They got a few of the 'Goldrush' also.

I don't know if the apples will be the same every year, but 'Goldrush' so far has been tart and honeyed (the tart is said to mellow with storage) with very yellow flesh as the name would indicate. I baked one into an apple pie (mixed with store-bough 'Granny Smith'), and the result was more like a potato than an apple, in that they were rather solid and potato-like when cooked, the bright yellow flesh stood out in the pie in contrast to the Grannies, and the flavor was rather bland.  I might try again after the apples age a few weeks.

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