Saturday, June 20, 2015

100 degrees

 Now is the time to see if my research and gambling have paid off. The last few days (and the next few days to come) have been close to 100 degrees. What's working? Some gambles have paid off, some have not. 'Bishop's Castle' (above) is doing okay. The flowers fade in the heat and sun, but it is otherwise doing okay. Very mild fragrance. Maybe a bit more than acceptable payout on the gamble.

'The Alnwick Rose' has continued to open flowers in the heat, but the flowers so far have only lasted 2 days. Still has the delicious fragrance.An acceptable payout on a gamble.

 'Winchester Cathedral' continues to open flowers. The fragrance is odd. The flowers are smaller than the first flush, and now tend to have a tint to them instead of being pure white, making them look dirty. This one has opened white, though. Also an acceptable payoff.

'William Shakespeare 2000' was included in the David Austin catalog as tolerating hot/dry. I suppose I shouldn't be so critical, but I had hoped the flowers would last longer than 2 days in the heat before looking like this. This is the gamble that didn't quite work out. It is even worse with 'Abraham Darby' which is just awful (bad odds when I planted it, so not much disappointment).

'Falstaff' opened a second flush yesterday. Flowers are much smaller than in cooler weather, and don't hang, but are still beautiful. My nerve endings tingle as if to say there is a fragrance, but its not discernable to my consciousness. 'Falstaff' had the worst odds to gamble on, comments being that it doesn't do well in the heat, but it has done better than expected. Good to excellent payout.

I planted 'Bolero' because it was said to do well in heat, and be floriferous and fragrant. It's been a misery all spring, with either thrips or botrytis damaging the flowers. With the heat, I finally get a couple of nice, fragrant flowers.  I'm still not sure if it is worth it. It was one of the roses with the best odds, but has been the worst payout.

There are others that just aren't in their cycle for blooming, but they have done well in last week's or last year's heat. 'Marie Pavie' is growing with no regard for the heat. 'Radio Times' bloomed well last week, and is starting to put out new growth. 'Madame Isaac Pereire' is putting out growth and buds like it didn't do in cooler weather.  'Glamis Castle' is growing and budding, but no flowers yet. 'Old Blush' has a few flowers on it, but they are in their heat-floppy form. Not much fun to photograph. I guess most of my gambles were pretty good.

Of course the lavender has no problems with the heat.

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