Saturday, January 17, 2015

vitex before/after



Funny that the Vitex held onto its leaves this year. None of the others in the neighborhood did. After an hour and a half of leaf stripping and pruning, I'm much happier. From mushy mess to architectural. Very satisfying.

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  1. So much better! In Abq, so many clients never pruned small trees until too late, and I had to actually do that a few times. So important on low, xeric trees, and a little every year really creates a stunning specimen that takes part of a century in the wild. I bet you were happier after!

    My guess is that's a tight spot that stays too warm, so and abrupt first hard freeze can nail it. I've been considering a blog post on that should see the cork oaks, southern magnolia, etc done that way here and Abq!