Saturday, January 31, 2015

outdoors and in

Outdoors, the hellebores and the rosemary are the only things blooming in today's storm of snow, rain and slush.

 Helleborus x ericsmithii 'Champion' has a refined appearance, a green flush, and looks like it is carved out of stone.

 Helleborus niger 'Joseph Lemper' is larger, and less formal in appearance. He has a larger flower than his brother 'Jacob', and the flowers tend to appear as twins, which make them look a bit crowded.

 The H. orientalis hybrids (H. x orientalis) are beginning to bud. This one is a single white from Pine Knot.

 'Connie' suffered a lot from too much sun this last summer, but may still put on a show.

 The double spotted white I got from High Country Gardens before it closed, is starting to bud.

 Rosemary 'Gorizia' has a few scattered lavender flowers.

The plain old rosemary from Home Depot has a lot more flowers, of a nice blue.
 I might have started seeds too soon. This is cardoon 'Gobbo di Nizza.'

I had saved seeds of Dianthus leucophaeus from my old garden. I'm afraid for them since I do not have a sunny cool window, and these are my only seeds. I can't find seeds on-line. This is just like the Veronica tauricola that I had at the old garden. I'm sure the new owners have killed it, and I don't have any and can't find any. Lesson: when you get an unusual plant, do what you can to keep it. It may be very hard or impossible to replace.


  1. I saw your weather with amazement, the milder just-rain air never made it into the central valley. But seeing both rosemaries in bloom is a good thing. I only liked the form of Tuscan Blue, the flower was lame compared to others I used to have. Your two seem good to me (and never underestimate bog boxes having nicer selections) I think spring is starting early for both of us. Ciao!

    1. My favorite rosemary for both form and bloom is 'Blue Spires'. I was able to get cuttings started last year, from my old house, but wow are they slow and fragile. I should have bought plants from Goodwin Creek.