Wednesday, November 12, 2014

freeze tonight

With the weather forecast predicting 22F temperatures tonight, the rose blossoms are going to turn to mush. So I cut them all (headlamps out in the garden) and placed them in a bowl where they are scenting the kitchen. I pretty much shredded the flowers as I tried to arrange them in a bowl anyway, the flowers being very heavy with not much stems.

Earlier today:
I hope the do well next year.


  1. What rose is that? 'Bolero'? It's lovely!

    1. Yep, it's 'Bolero'. I planted 8 of them after reading your comments about it and seeing your photo. They kind of ball after a rain, but that doesn't happen much here. I love them! Much stronger plant than 'Fair Bianca', the flowers more romantic in form. Much, much more floriferous. Less mildew than 'Winchester Cathedral' and flowers last longer. Better foliage than 'Iceberg', and so far almost as floriferous. More fragrant than any of those, and much better fragrance than 'Glamis Castle' and not as thorny.