Wednesday, October 1, 2014

plants that get a bad rap (repost)

 Perovskia 'Blue Spires'

It's rare that I re-post from someone else's blog, but this post from David Salman of High Country Gardens, I like. Garden plants that get a bad rap. 
I trial a lot of plants, too. I have grown and discarded many plants. Some, I probably discarded too soon, without realizing the plant's potential. Some, I coddle along for years until I get fed up and remove it, when maybe it's just not the right spot for it. Some plants I abhor because of their aggressive nature, when that quality could be put to good use. What really needs to be done, is understand the plants' qualities, and use those qualities. When I moved into this house, I abhorred the rain lily (Zephranthes candida) that seemed to be indestructible, over-vigorous and rather drab in a valued garden bed. I tossed hundreds of bulbs out. But then I got the idea to plant it between the pavers instead of grass. Now, no mowing, and a fairy tale of white flowers after the monsoon rains. So I agree with Salman's comments. Except 'Blue Spires' never looked this good for me.

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  1. Great topic, yet I've never run with it. My bad rap plants are different than Salman's; I only used Catmint in his list, with so many other plants that grew in Abq, but then again, there's always Russian Sage!

    Your Rain Lily is interesting to me, as it's really uncommon in Abq or here - I had an odd, dry shade area at my old office rental, so I used it and "voila" - hooked. I like how you're planning on using it.