Saturday, October 11, 2014


Fall is well known to be the best time of the year, here in Albuquerque. The days are not too hot, the nights are cool enough to sit by an outdoor fire, the clouds are picturesque and make amazing sunsets. Fall does not tend to have the intense wind of spring that drives me nuts. It has cooled down enough for the plants to decide to start growing again, in this all-too-brief grace period between too hot and too cold.

I planted the dahlias too late this year, and it was apparently too hot for them to grow, according to the guy I talked to at the Dahlia show two weeks ago. Two of the four plants died in the heat, the other two waited until the weather cooled off. I posted 'Snowbird' previously. 'Ron's Dark Ember' has decided to grace me with a flower, on a short plant not even two feet tall, the leaves splashed with yellow in a way that worries me might be virus.

Yes, this is the color of the flower. Red with magenta tips. It is not altered in any way with Photoshop, and is photographed with the Standard color settings of my camera. I had to check my camera to make sure that it wasn't set on "vivid" which can make colors unrealistically bright. The flower is a bit shocking in my garden of greys, blues and whites.

Of similar shocking color in this cool cloudy weather, 'William Shakespeare 2000' rose has also decided to grace me with one bloom before the cold weather. WS2000 has not been a strong bloomer for me this year, and I'm thinking of taking them out. But to fill my nostrils with the glorious scent, it might be worth continuing to work with them.

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