Friday, July 4, 2014

lookin' good

The best looking rose in the ABQ rose garden today (after weeks of 95F and more than a day of 40 mph wind) is 'Good as Gold', which is a shame, because I don't like yellow flowers. Not much fragrance.

Nope, not 'Belinda's Dream' which gets such rave reviews. Belinda has been flowerless since the temps went above 90. This one is 'Memorial Day' which gets highly mixed reviews on HelpMeFind's comment board. But it gets second place today, in terms of bloom production. It gets first place, easily, in terms of fragrance. Maybe if I grew roses where everything grows easily and blooms all summer, without disease or weather damage, I too would call this rose "plain", or say "not that impressed", but today I'm impressed.

In third place is 'Sunset Celebration' which shows very little heat and wind damage. Mild, but good fragrance. Another rose in the yellow/orange scheme that doesn't give me a lot of pleasure to look at. To each his own. Sometimes I wonder what is driving my tastes. Maybe it's the colon bacteria.

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