Wednesday, July 23, 2014

first peach

First peach. Redhaven. Not so beautiful, but as big as store bought. Taste: divine.
I had been lamenting the flavor of peaches here in New Mexico. Even the locally grown ones were flat. Had I cut down all the beautiful aspen trees for nothing? Had I been mistaken in my thinking that peaches were my favorite fruit (or maybe second favorite, behind strawberries)? Was my childhood memory of incredible California peaches exaggerated by nostalgia? My conclusion after today's taste: nope. Memory serves me correctly. I was generous enough to share it with my guy, and I had to savor every morsel, eating slowly. After all, there are only 4 peaches on the entire tree (planted last year). At least peaches can grow and fruit here, whereas strawberries can't tolerate this climate. I still miss the aspen trees. I had been thinking of taking out the peaches and replanting the aspen. But I don't think I can, now.

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