Saturday, December 14, 2013

i don't get it


I just don't get it. Here it is, December 15. We have had temperatures below 10F and a week where the highs did not go above the 40's. Most nights are in the 20's-30's. We have had two snow storms, and there is still snow on the ground. Why do my apple trees still have their leaves? Granted, they aren't looking as perky as they did in the summer, and some of the leaves have crispy edges or are entirely crispy.

Tydeman's Late Orange

Two of the trees have lost about 1/3 of the leaves. But the remaining leaves are pretty green.

Ashmead's Kernal
see? Snow!

I thought that perhaps the leaves were freeze dried, given that we had incredibly gusty winds during the below10F temperatures, and that I was fooled into thinking the leaves were still alive. But no, with the sun shining on them, they are soft and flexible.

Calville Blanc d'Hiver
I kind of got annoyed with this tree retaining its leaves at this time of year, and I started hand stripping the leaves. Then I gave up because they weren't giving up without a fight. It is extra strange, because all the other apple trees around town and in my neighborhood are leafless. For at least a month. I don't think anyone hand stripped all those trees. Granted, my trees are on the south side of the house, but you'd think that the ice coating the leaves for days and the short days would have given these trees a hint that winter's here.


  1. That's odd with an apple, though maybe that variety does that? But when the ambient air temperature is so often below that of a hard freeze (28F), it should overpower effects of a warmer microclimate by now (my assumption on how I remember that space facing south). Though given how Abq has created such a brown landscape compared to what the foothill areas can look like, it seems some green remaining would be nice:-) If the plant isn't ready to turn and drop green foliage, it isn't ready.

    My largest concern would be how that spot can cause blooms to form earlier than ideal in Spring, then freeze, but again, I could be wrong on that location or the variety of apple.

    1. Not that I'm complaining about the Just worried that there is something wrong. With four different varieties doing the same thing, it has to be a cultural issue.

      Yeah, I'm worried about spring frost damage too.