Saturday, April 15, 2017

first roses, frost roses

 Every year is a different test on my plants. This year, the long warm spell in February followed by frosty temperatures made for a challenge to the new young growth and buds. Many of my roses couldn't take it, and the flower buds aborted or the new growth got frost nipped. These four roses seem to have done well. 'Munstead Wood' kept its flower buds, when even 'Bishop's Castle', usually my most reliable rose, gave up. Munstead has a really delicious fragrance this year.

'Marie Pavie' has a less-than-perfect first bloom, but there are lots more to come. No bud drop. 
 'Old Blush' is practically a weed. Too bad the flowers are not very exciting, and there is almost no fragrance. No bud drop with that late freeze however.

'Winchester Cathedral' didn't do very well last year, for whatever reason, but this year it seems pretty happy, and didn't freeze any buds. Still has that "hint of latrine" fragrance that I'm not terribly fond of. 

There are more to come, but these are the first to open flowers.

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