Sunday, March 12, 2017

hellebore progress

 Nell Lewis 2 makes a late appearance. Nell Lewis 1 is long done.

 NoID gets better.
 Just the right amount of nodding and spotting.
Connie again.


  1. NoID for the flower, but Nell Lewis for the foliage and flower in one package. At least that I can tell. What happens to hellebores when you hit 80+/- temps later this week? (I've been wrong on March since it's just getting crazy warm, but I wonder if April gets cold?)

    1. They are already all fading quickly to green. At 80 degrees that it is supposed to be today and this week, they'll probably be mostly green by the end of the week. Bummer. They won't turn white again if it gets cold, but the plants will be okay.