Sunday, February 12, 2017

second wave of hellebores

 The fading of the crystalline flowers of 'Champion' and the H. niger clan signals the beginning of the H. x hybridus clan. I don't have many, since I mostly value the mid-winter blooms of H. niger, but the second wave happens at the same time as the earliest crocuses, which is pretty cool at this time of the year.

 Here is 'Connie' just starting to show her stuff.

 The nodding flowers of hellebores encourages me to go out in to the garden. Although you can appreciate the charm from a distance (i.e. from the warmth of the house), to fully appreciate their beauty, you have to go into the garden, and lift the flowers.

'Joseph Lemper' is still going strong, his flowers are bigger and taller than those of 'Jacob'.

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