Saturday, December 10, 2016

'Freedom' florist rose

'Freedom' has been a very strange rose. This was a rose that was given to me last Valentine's Day as a bouquet, and I rooted one of the stems.  It sat for months in the summer heat without growing, then threw out a shoot with cooler fall weather. A bud formed which lasted several weeks as a bud, then when the weather turned cold, I brought the potted plant into the garage. The flower opened and it has lasted about 4 WEEKS in the open stage (so far).

It is not the most beautiful rose as a garden plant so far, (but still a tiny plant) and only slightly fragrant.
As a bud, it held at this stage for about 3 weeks, and felt like cardboard.

In the lower light of the garage window, the flower opened up and the inner petals had the more expected color.

Here it is when given to me as a bouquet, which didn't last a particularly long time.

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