Thursday, November 26, 2015

still a few blooms

Despite the four inches of snow we had, some of the roses hung in there and are still blooming. I thought they might be freeze-dried when I saw them, but nope. Still fresh. Still fragrant.

There are still a couple of flowers left on 'Iceberg'
 There's a few on 'Bolero' which still has crispy edges like it did all summer. Sigh. To take out all of them, or not.

Another rose I've been debating removing are the two bushes I have of 'William Shakespeare 2000.' Such miserable plants. Of course, despite the snow and nightly freezing temperatures, there is this one gorgeous, perfect, fragrant bloom. 

'Old Blush' has a few flowers hanging on. 

'Falstaff' has a bud, but not particularly happy.

'Bishop's Castle' has a few amazingly nice flowers, which have a different fragrance than in the summer. 

I don't know if this flower on 'Alnwick Castle' counts, but what the heck.

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