Wednesday, August 5, 2015

rain lily

Yep. It's time for the Zephranthes. I'm finding that it's not actually true that the rain brings on the blooms. It's been raining every few weeks for the past few months, but they haven't been blooming until now. I suspect that the rain only triggers bloom during the late summer bloom season.


  1. Same here, must be something to do with high soil and air temperatures, plus rain. Yours look great...I wonder how many people in ABQ have Zephyranthes, and get the effect they provide?

    1. I'm finding that zephranthes look best in a specific everything here in Albuquerque. They need sun, but not too much or they get yellow. Not enough and they get lanky and scraggly. A few inches in location can make a difference. They do need regular moisture. But otherwise pretty adaptable compared to some. I took them out of my courtyard, because there wasn't enough sun and they looked pretty awful.