Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 You know that spring is on its way when the rosemary starts going for it. It's not as covered with flowers as the ones in California, but this is just the beginning. Not bad for a nameless rosemary off the racks of a big box store.


  1. Bella, bella! I noticed trailing rosemaries bloom off and on all winter, unless it's cold, but seems upright ones don't in Abq, even here. Sometimes big box stores can surprise.

    1. This one has been blooming is spits all winter, but now it is going to town. Yep, I'm surprised by the big box rosemary. It grows fast, tastes good, blooms a lot, the flowers are a nice shade of blue, isn't any more tender than any other rosemary I've grown, and the plant has nice form. It performed so well in the old garden (and the one before that), that I've brought cuttings with me.