Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the orchids

A few orchids, just to make winter a bit more bearable. This is Dendrobium moniliforme Sekkoku. These plants need a bit of winter chill to bloom.The plant above is hiding its flowers among the stems.

 This one has flowers facing outwards.

 I have a half dozen divisions of this clone of Neofinetia falcata and with this many, the flowers seem to appear much more frequently, almost constantly for the past few months. It's good that I have these, since I also have a dozen more varieties which are grown for their leaves and don't bloom much if at all.

 Dendrobium MicroChip is a small plant, and flowers are not fragrant, but it is a very charming plant. The flowers remind me of lilies of the valley.

NOID miniature phalaenopsis from the grocery store. I saw those spots and had to have it last year. New stems this year, with more branching.

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