Monday, December 22, 2014

landscape architect/model

Who would have guessed that a fashion company would use a landscape architect as part of their image creation?


Along with "Philanthropist Topaz Green, Ballerina Jessica Saund, Blogger and Baker Iskra, Meatball Shop Maestro Michael Chernow, Artistic Director Janet Eilber, Independent Filmaker Lucas McGowen, Yoga Guru Taura Stiles." I guess that explains it. Weird that they have people speaking in the third person. Comes off as kind of stilted and arrogant.

Which makes me a bit surprised to see that his design work is not bad.
And extra surprised to see that he's a model for J. Crew. The life that some people lead. If I'm looking a bit green, it's the all the gardening I've been doing. Really. 


  1. Ha! Interesting post, though I didn't take the 3rd person speak as arrogant. He seems to have humor and sees the need for actual boldness. And yes, his work from your link, so far is pleasantly designed and with more sense-of-place than many.

    Great to see an LA featured on a different front!

    1. Oh good, probably just my perspective at the time. It's good to see Landscape Architecture being recognized, and I'd want it portrayed in a positive light. I think he's my new role model. He must have an amazing publicist. Or he works really, really hard.