Friday, January 24, 2014

what's your garden style?

I've been looking at my Pinterest page on gardening and noticing the themes that run through the photos...or the lack of theme as the case may be. Sometimes the photos can be opposite ends of the spectrum. I already knew I liked Mediterranean gardens, whether French or Italian, my eye naturally goes to those and says "Hah!" (I mean, I literally hear that in my head, not in a delusional sort of way, but in an attention-getting sort of way, like when you see a color that you love and it stands out among the rest).
Like these:
Provence - ya gotta love it
mediterranean garden
Another Garden Gawker: Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
Andrea Cochran

But that also happens when I see some very modern, even minimalist gardens.
Marmol Radziner Architecture
I honestly had no idea that I had such a fondness for water features until I started a board on Pinterest only for water. Duh.

Amazing pool! 
Then I started noticing my fondness for gardens with a strong linear axis when I started trying to find garden photos without the axis because there were just too many on my page.

love color of house and of shutters  (white iceberg roses in foreground) 


So for fun today, I started doing on-line "What's your garden style" quizzes. Here's what I came up with. 

Monrovia's quiz told me that my ideal garden is a "Zen Garden." Huh. Really? Maybe because I chose the Minicooper as the car I wanted.
 Better Homes and Gardens quiz was much more straightforward, asking directly garden questions such as "do you like straight lines." It told me that my ideal style is "Formal Style." Even after I went back and changed a bunch of my answers. 

HGTV's quiz was mostly for interiors, but concluded that my style was "Spanish Style."

The Garden Glove's quiz indicated that my garden style is "Country Garden." I have to admit that of their photos, that's the one I would choose.

Country garden
 ProProfs Quiz Maker promised "You want to know which kind of garden is perfectly adapted to your personality and to your garden....Just do this test and you will know everything!!!" (Yes, three exclamation marks).
My first run through told me that my garden style was "Modern Garden. Modern gardens have a clear, straight structure and are very suitable for people who like simplicity or people who don't like to do much about their garden." My second run through I intentionally changed my answers to secondary choices, and it gave me "Lounge garden.  The squares and straight lines in which the garden is build-up create a very clear structure. This ‘square structure’ gives the garden a calm atmosphere. Use wooden objects to create a natural look. Don’t use too much colors! The secret of this garden: ‘keep it simple, just relax’!" I wish it gave some images of what a "Lounge garden" is. 

So my garden style is Zen, Formal, Spanish, Country and Modern Lounge. I'll have to find a way to make that work. And now you know what I do when I'm at home from work with a cold and can barely sit upright in my chair. 


  1. Your garden style is "eclectic." Thanks for writing this. I think many gardeners will be able to relate. I know I do. Feel better soon.

  2. Oh darn. I keep hoping that I will discover that my style is something slick and elegant. But I like collecting plants too much for that. Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Not surprised at any of your findings, Signore Wong, and nice stuff! Now looking for your Pinterest board!