Thursday, October 10, 2013

leaves, fungi, water

We spent the last week in Wisconsin at the annual family gathering. Quite the plant shock, as it always is. When we arrived, the leaves were just starting to change color, but as the week progressed, the colors became much more intense despite the rainy weather.

After the rain, the fungi were popping out of the ground - not something we see in Albuquerque! I had forgotten how fragile mushrooms are, chitinous cell walls and everything. 

This being the land of lakes, the water everywhere was a bit of a culture shock. Wow, water everywhere. The weirdest thing is that my mind kept looking for characteristics of the ocean. There were the seagulls after all, but where were the tidal pools, anemones, the salty tang in the air? No, the Green Bay is freshwater. It just seemed wrong.

The fall asters are a different hue than the New Mexican purple asters.

Barns here are so quaint.

An obligatory visit to Lambeau Field yielded a surprise.

Swiss Chard in the ornamental plantings? Sure, they are colorful and attractive, but not I wonder if the fans notice? Maybe they should have only planted the yellow/green ones, to keep with Packer colors.

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